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You stole my heart without permission.

You stole my breath without warning.

You made me sigh with only one smile.

You made me smile when the world was making me cry.

I know that this appear idiot and so cliche and I’m sure that you already have listened this so many times…

But I really love you!!

More than you can imagine..

More than you can believe..

More than I found that I was capable..

I’m sorry if, for many times, I send the same messages for you and for repeat things like ‘Take care’ or ‘I love you angel’.

I’m really so sorry… I can’t avoid!! 

I care of you.

I want see you well.

I want see you happy.

I want see you feeling how much you are loved.

I wanted have the chance of meet you.

Hold you.

Talk with you.

Even that was for one second.

Only for the pleasure of see you!

So, finally, I’ll be sure that you really exist!

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